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About The Library


This proletarian library is a collection of documents containing revolutionary and progressive ideas, philosophy, theory, and examples of practice. Many collections of this type exist online, but here, the librarian works to make these documents easy to read and easy to access, concentrating essential ideas into as few pages as possible.


Ideally, any person should read all of these documents and emerge with a comprehensive and general understanding of the proletarian worldview, transforming the way in which they interpret and interact with the world and ultimately achieving a better mastery over their reality. Although being a conscious proletarian is commonly understood as a political phenomenon, its philosophical implications are much more important in the long-term, where philosophy is being defined as truth-seeking — seeking to understand how our existence works.


The best way to support this library is to share it with others. More readers increases the likelihood that the library will be discovered on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing: this is useful for those who are actively searching for this knowledge. The next best way to help is to send an email (the library's address is found in the menu above), give comments and criticisms, share any errors or mistakes that you find, and suggest future updates.

Work In Progress

The following are planned updates:

  1. Convert all PDFs to web pages.
  2. Add a description for every page.
  3. Create a public code repository.
  4. Translate all pages to english and spanish.
  5. Change the website's domain name, or use a unique domain for each language.
  6. Move to a web host that allows page compression.
  7. Add a choice for different fonts?
  8. Get visit counters on every page to see what pages are being accessed.
  9. Add an option to automatically create page downloads in several formats, such as EPUBs, PDFs, etc.
  10. Finish the foundations of proletarian philosophy.
Library (English)
Biblioteca (Castellano)
The Guerrilla Is A Poet — New People's Army
Awit Ng Proletaryo — Tambisan Sa Sining
La Internacional — JCR Argentina
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