Duality Of The Flame neither earthly nor divine
my jaguar goddess redefines
the unity of space and time
and that flame I claim is mine

Why Am I Here? like a nourishing mother
I hear the screams of nature
and the core of my existence
comes running to her aid
Phoenix this heart is volcanic

vena cava
pace maker
lava fountain
magma chamber

a molten plasma reincarnator
reanimator of incandescent wings
in consummation with the winds of creation
forever to burn
Concrete like an earthquake I have come to
so that vibrant life may push through
At The Edge Of Chaos mosh with me at the
edge of chaos where
all you touch becomes
wildly uncertain

vibrate to arouse
collide to engage
vibrate to rebel
collide to revolt

from strange clouds emerge
billions of dancers
certainly knowing
the future is ours
In Other Words fill my heart with storm
and let me spin forevermore
cause it all to rupture
reconfigure and transform
Binary Black Holes trapped in a vortex
forever displaced
caught between forces
opposing in space

conflict in motion
black supermassives
polar relations
never stay passive

neither will it cease
to pull us apart
either rest in peace
or struggle in war

which way do we move?
coercion instilled
are we made to lose
by our own free will?

thus we vow to be
coerced into life
lest the enemy
assist our demise
Become Cyclone flutter your wings
and time will show
how a small breeze
becomes cyclone

clinical depression?
becoming stone?
tropical depression,
become cyclone.
Life-Potential the garden that grew from the grave of god
whose fruiting trees of knowledge in motion
taught us to worship life and life-potential
exciting the lightning within our blood