One Divides Into Two

This is a work in progess. The purpose is to edit and make accessible a couple of obscure articles from a philosophical debate concerning the fundamental nature of materialist dialectics, taking place in China before the Cultural Revolution.

It is a view into the history of the struggle within the Communist Party of China (CPC) from the perspective of the defeated side. In other words, whereas the majority of the world attacks the CPC from the right, these articles are examples of attacks from the left.

Summary Quotations
Three Major Struggles On China's Philosophical Front (1949-1964) The Theory of "Synthesized Economic Base" Must Be Thoroughly Criticized Momentous Struggle On The Question Of The Identity Between Thinking And Being The Theory Of "Combine Two Into One" Is A Reactionary Philosophy For Restoring Capitalism The Fighting Task Confronting Workers In Philosophy And The Social Sciences Expose Comrade Yang Hsien-chen’s Substitution of the Metaphysical Mechanical Theory for Dialectical Materialism